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About 10exercises.com

Most of all we love to do two things in life – Fitness and Travel.

The idea of 10exercises blog started when we having an argue about the best fitness equipment.We did a lot of research and got our private list of top jumping ropes,
top heart rate monitors,top resistance bands etc.

We was training hard that time gymnastics and calisthenics and the matter of quality was very important for us.

Now after a while we still training,maybe harder than in the past and we know more about the best fitness equipment.

Believe me,product research can be not easy at all.
We all know how that dilemma of choosing the best location,the best hotel or the best product.

So if you are one who don’t know which product is best for you I hope you will find our blog useful.

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If you’d like to buy a new fitness product,you can find the unbiased “best product” lists based on real buyers reviews here on 10exercises blog.