10 reasons why camping is better than a hotel.

Best Reasons Why camping is better than a hotel.

It’s difficult to find person who don’t love to travel.Travel it’s an incredible experience.
It’s always exiting to see new places and meet new people.

Some of us choosing to stay at the comfortable hotel and some of us prefer tent in a campsite.

In this article i would like to give you 10 good reasons shy camping is better that a hotel.

       1. It’s cheaper.

Campsite is cheaper than a hotel

Yes,the campsites is much cheaper than a hotels.
Cheapest hotel will cost you around 50-70 EURO per night,as camping place for two persons with the tent and parking will cost around 22 EURO per night.
So if we you are staying a multiply nights, the difference can be a hundreds of EURO.

     2. You wake up early.

Wake up early in the campsite

You wake up with the sunrise, hear the birds, go out from the tent and breath the fresh air.
Getting start early have so many benefits. 

      3. Quality time during the day and evening.

quality time in the outdoor

No gadgets, no phones. You can play with each other, talk with each other.
Do a grill barbecue any time you want.
You can play guitar and trust me, people will join you for singing. 

      4. Food is tastes better outside.

Food is have better tasting outside

Food have much better taste outside. And you can use your grill to cook anytime.
While you camping you are not sitting all the day and most of the facilities you have during the day is active facilities like hiking, walking, running, bicycle tours.
After a long walking day, what can be tastier than good portion of barbecue?

      5. Kid’s love it.

Campsite by the lake

Yes, you’l be surprised to see your children running and enthusiastic in the nature.
Kids love the campsite live, they will more than happy to assist you to build the tent, to cook on the fire and to sleep in a sleeping bags.
Believe me, when they will grow up, all the camping live will be one of the most beautiful childhood memories. 

      6. Camping is a challenge.


Camping is the one of the things in a live that build character.
Remember the wild west? The people lived that time was very strong mentally and physically. They was needed to find a place to sleep and something to eat every single day. And every single day they was needed to change their location.
Today we are live in another times where gadgets can help us find a food, find a place to sleep etc. But in my opinion – we still need to know how to take care of ourselves in a nature. If you strong – you are self-confidence and it have implications on your life. 

      7. You can stay and leave anytime you want.


If you book hotel for 3 nights and will decide to leave earlier most probably they will ask you to pay a fee. In other side if you will decide to extend your stay, they may have no rooms available for you and you will need to leave.

If you in campsite, you can leave anytime. And you can stay any time you want.
Anyway you pay for the stay while you checkout.

And one more thing – it’s easier to find camping than a hotel in any area during the high season. 

       8. The views.

Most amazing view on the Alps from the Eagle Nest

Look at the picture above and tell me if you can get the same view from the hotel window. Most of the campsite are located by the riverside or by the lakeside.

      9. Getting away from technology. Talk to each other.

Cute girl in the camping site

Honestly, when did you spent all day talking to each other with your phone away for all day?
Well, now you have a chance to do that. More than that, you have no choice.
In most of the campsites there is no electricity plugs in the tent zone.
P.S. There is a plugs and you can buy the electricity for 4-5 EURO per day, but do you really need it? My opinion – put away your phones.

       10. Meet new people is easier.

Meet new people

Its little bit uncomfortable to start talking with the new people in the hotel as you don’t really meet new people. You have your room, dining room and lobby.
In campsite you just one tent from your neighbors and it’s much easier to start talking  with them. Or you can just start playing guitar and people will come to sing with you.

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