Campsites of Czech Republic and Germany

2 person tent on the river side

Today I would like to tell you about our trip to the campsites of Germany and the Czech Republic.
This article is about three campsites. One of them is in the Czech Republic, the other two are in Germany.

Czech Republic campsite is Autokemp Vikletice near the Nechranice lake(Google map).

Germany campsites is Halali-Park near Selb, Upper Franconia region of Bavaria(GoogleMap) and Camping Insel near Bamberg, Upper Franconia region of Bavaria(Google map).

In the summer of 2015, we traveled by motorcycle to Europe. A month on the road, almost 2,000 kilometers, four countries (Czech Republic, Germany, France and Austria), hotels and camping sites. Our route looked more or less like this:

map of the europe motorcycle traveling

It’s quite popular to camp in Europe. The summer runs are full of houses on wheels, trailers or just cars with tents.
In some campsites you will not break through, several times it was that we ended up in a full-time camping site and turned around to look for another place to sleep because it was fully occupied.
This was an introduction, and now to our story.

Arriving in Prague, we had a rest for a couple of days and got our rental motorcycle, Honda Goldwing 1800GL. The real wild beast. We put all our bags, tents, sleeping bags in it and went to the north of Bohemia to the campsite by Lake Nechranice.

By the way we purchases tent and sleeping bags in Prague.There is camping exhibition where you can buy campsite equipment very cheap.You can check it here.

honda goldwing near the camping small house

Czech People is often called the lake of Nechranice “The Czech Sea”.
Indeed, the waves begin to appear on the calm surface of the lake even during the light wind.
The lake is on a plain,so the wind is frequent there,specially in the second part of the day.
We even seen a lightning storm one evening.

cute girls stanfing near nechranice lake in czech republic

We paid something about 250 czech koruna per night in a camping pitch.
There is a lot of pitch types in this camping.Here is the pictures of some of them.

camping housered big camping tentwhite wheel track in campingwooden big house in campingwooden house in camping

And here is our camping pitch.A wooden entrance hall with sleeping and kitchenette on a small house on wheels. It was hot in the daytime and in the hallway it was like in a spa.

best campsite housecampsite tent entering

There was a restaurant where beer, lemonades and two dishes were sold.For eat only a pizza and roasted cheese.
We spent two nights near the lake, skied on surfboards, drank beer. The second night there was a strong thunderstorm and wind. We went to look at it by the lake. The lake was raging like a sea. Big waves, lightning, thunder. A fascinating sight. But through 10 minutes we left, because it was very cold wind, and we were dressed in a summer style.
nechranice lake storm

On the third day we moved to the West, to Germany.

On the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, from the German side, we decided to spend the night in a campsite called Halali Park.
halali park campside

For some reason, there were only us and two other families in the camp. It seemed strange to us that in summer there was no one in such a place. Inside was a lake, around a lake of houses on wheels and houses. Everything was empty.
We decided to go for dinner to the nearest town. We bought a grill, meat, vegetables, beer and made a dinner on our veranda.

grill vegetables and chicken meat

lake with the catamaran

We spend only one night in this camping and then we moved west.
We took a plce in camping 10 km far from Bamberg.
2 person tent on the river side

This camping site was pleasant to us more than others. At the entrance there was a restaurant with a wide choice of dishes, it was possible to order breakfast from the evening. Smoked beer and snacks were sold.
There was possible to charge phones, showers and toilets were like in hotels, separate rooms.

rauchbeer and sausages

campsite tent during the night

In general, we really liked to spend our time in campings. In nature, cheaper than hotels, and any time you can leave.
All campings we were comfortable at the highest level. Eating, showers, electricity, bicycles for hire, etc.
We deliberately chose places near lakes or rivers so that we could swim or swim in boats. We liked it, we’ll definitely do it again someday.

2 person tent insidebig green tent in austrian campsitedanube river campsitegerman lake campsitegermany bavarian side campingHonda Goldwing motorcycle near big camping tentrein river side

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