Best Heart Rate Monitors:Top 10 Heart Rate Monitors & Fitness Trackers of 2020

top 10 heart rate monitors of 2017

Looking for a fitness tracker or heart rate monitor but lost in the huge amount of them?
We got Top 10 Heart Rate Monitors & Fitness Trackers of 2017 based on Amazon customers reviews.

1. Heart Rate Fitness Tracker by Jpilis

Jpilis Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Monitor


  • Synchronization with Apple Health and Google Fit, phonebook synchronization, Vibrating Alarm, never miss an incoming call SMS / WhatsApp / FACEBOOK / SKYPE / Instagram.
  • Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Calorie Consumption, the Distance Measurement, Monitoring sleep, Find Your Phone, Photo Remote control, music playback controls
  • Requires Android 4.4 or higher and or iOS 7.1+. OLED display and slides in full screen, internal memory for storing data of more than 7 days (for permanent storage with APP )
  • Easy to use,Gesture Control (automatic display of the time with the movement of the wrist), is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 edge S7 S7, iPhone 4s / 5 / 5s / 5c / 6 / 6 plus / 6s / 6S plus / 7 / 7Plus.
  • NOTE:They will put a blue strap in the packaging, easy to replace, do not need more money to buy. Long battery life, charge the battery for one hour from the USB connection and use the Fitness Tracker for 5 days in standby mode. Bracelet TPU (skin friendly type).


2. Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor by Desay

DESAY Smart Fitness Tracker,Wireless

  • Fitness tracker: Keep track of your daily activities (steps, sleeping quality, calories, distances). You can set a clocks with slightly vibrate (wake up time, meeting time, dating time etc.) take control of your life;
  • USB charging: Remove the strap, you can connect it with your computer or USB port to charge. It is so convenient. And 5-7 days Standby design make your outdoor life more expecting;
  • Live waterproof: You can wear it washing hands, walking in the rain, but do not wear it when you swimming or surfing.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 Android 4.3 or later smartphones, and IOS 7.0 or later iPhone smartphones, such us Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/ S3/ Note 4/3; LG G2/3, HTC one; IOS 7.0 or Above/Apple iPhone(iPhone 6(4.7)/6 Plus (5.5)/ 5s/ 5c/4s/4), etc;
  • The product would calculate the data when your arms or legs move even though you did not walk or do sports, so the step counting and calorie data is not 100% exact sometimes; Please keep the APP open so that it can sync with the bracelet or the BT will be disconnected.


3. Heart Rate Monitor by Lemfo

LEMFO L42A Bluetooth Smart Band Dynamic

  • 1.3 inch HD LCD Colorful Display Screen: Time, Date, steps, distance, calories, heart rate in real time, messages, call ID, can be display on the screen at any time.
  • Dynamic Heart Rate: You can check your heart rate anytime on the screen. According to the heat rate data, you can adjust the rhythm of movement to prevent sports injuries. Make your every movement more efficient.
  • Dynamic Heart Rate: You can check your heart rate anytime on the screen. According to the heat rate data, you can adjust the rhythm of movement to prevent sports injuries. Make your every movement more efficient.
  • Remote Control Camera & Remote Control Music: L42A can control mobile phone camera. You can save the trouble with self-timer. It can control phone’s music to next song or previous song and adjust volume.
  • Calls/ Message Remind & Sleep Monitoring: Once someone call you or send the message to you through Facebook, Whatsapp and another way, the context will be show on the display. When you are sleep at night, L42A will automatic detach the sleep hours, distinguish the deep sleep, light sleep, break time.


4. Fitness Activity Tracker by Huiniu

Smart Bracelet Fitness Activity Tracker HuiNiu

  • Smart fitness tracker! Use this revolutionary new device to track not only steps taken,but also distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes.
    You get instant reminders when calls or texts are coming in, plus you can activate the Anti Lost feature to get alerted when your Phone becomes too far from the Smart Band. Never risk losing your phone again!
  • Advanced Bluetooth technology makes your life easier.
    Sync stats wireless and automatically to virtually any and every brand/model of Smart Phone.
    You get to take advantage of Bluetooth making connecting and transferring data to your Phone or mobile device a breeze every time.
  • Improve sleep patterns and habits without disturbing your partner.
    Monitors how long and well you sleep, and wakes only you (not your partner) with a silent alarm.
  • New design, USB interface, directly charging, convenient and quickly.It don’t need the charge cable any more when you charge the wristband.
  • Take advantage of helpful reminders to reach your goal quicker.
    Set reminders to alert you when you have been sitting or motionless for too long. Take charge of your body today with our industry leading Smart Wristband.
    You’ll get Serious versatility that can even transform your phone into a Remote Shooting Camera using the Smart Band to control the shots!
    ** Requires iOS 7.1 and above or Android 4.4 and above. This Smart Band Does NOT Work With WINDOWS PHONES.


5. Smart Bracelet by Pushman

Smart Bracelet Point Touch Pushman

  • Sports Fitness Tracker Powerful Function – Pedometer, Distance, Calories Burned Measuring, Sleep Monitor,Smart alarm clock, sedentary alert, finding phone, anti-lost alert.
    Incoming Call ID Show,SMS/Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp/Linkedin/Instagram alert,calling reminder, camera remote capture, music control.(all this function need fitness watch synchronize with your smartphone by APP)
  • Compatible with Smartphone: It can compatible with Android Os (above 4.4) and iPhone (above iOS 7.1). Download and install app”Veryfit for heart rate”to your smartphone from google play store or apple store, you can also scan QR code on the user manual. Then connect fitness tracker with smartphone by Bluetooth.
  • Cool Fashional Design: combined with fashion, sports and business. With 0.86 inch OLED HD Display screen.Slim, comfortable and easy to wear.
    You will barely feel like you have anything on your wrist at all. Charger is Attached to the band itself on the top. It goes inside the band.
  • No Charging Cable Needed – SMARTER fitness tracker can be removed off the strap and recharged from any 5V/1.0A USB power supply. Long-lasting battery: Just need to charge 1 hours and then you get a 7 days standby fitness tracker.
  • Key Specifications: Bluetooth 4.0 smart bracelet with Call/MSM Reminder for Smart phone, IP67 water resistance. Please charge it fully when receiving smart bracelet.*Please Note: This product DOESN’T with heart rate monitor.


6. Heart Rate Monitor by Meter

Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor by Meter

  • Heart Rate Monitor: Continues HR monitor, strap-free heart rate monitoring.
    TIPS:Fitness tracker will consistently monitor your heart rate every 5 minutes automatically even though the screen is OFF, after monitoring it will stop for a while and upload the data into the APP and then doing monitor again.
  • All day tracking: step counting, distance tracking, calorie tracker;
    Sleep monitor: sleeping time, sleeping quality, alarm clock and etc;
    Incoming call notice, remote camera, remote video, find phone, lost warning, out of range alarm.
    TIPS: APP cannot get sync if you did not connect the device successfully.
  •  Sleep Monitor- TIPS:Please wear the tracker when you sleep, and turn on the Bluetooth of your Phone as well.
    Fitness tracker will automatically record your sleep data, and you need to manually refresh the APP to get the updated data.
    Please wear it for 3-4 days before making judgement.
  •  Smart notifications- Monitor incoming calls, daily stats with vibration alerts, automatically light up when you turn over hand.
    Bound TIPS: Bluetooth must be activate on your phone.
    For the first time connecting, please make sure the screen of your fitness tracker is ON and switch the screen to Bluetooth mode.
    Open Veryfit 2.0 Main page, Pull down the screen manually, if your Bluetooth is OFF, it will alert your Bluetooth is OFF or the Connecting failed.
  •  With 0.49 inch OLED Screen Display, Hidden touch screen, Mini vibration alerts motor, bluetooth version: 4.0. Compatibility. Requires Android 4.4 or later, IOS 7.1 or later, download APP “Veryfit 2.0″ from Apple Store or Google Play. (Smart phone and Tablet only, not for PC), the wrist size range from 6″ to 8”.


7. Fitness Activity Tracker by myFit

MyFit Fitness Activity Tracker

  • ADVANCED & UPGRADED: myFit Momentum™ version 2.0 employs a Triaxial Gravity Sensor to obtain the most accurate data measurements surrounding your body’s movements.
    The myFit Momentum series™ uses the most advanced sensors on the market for a fraction of the cost.
    The myFit Momentum is water-resistant but is not meant to be worn in the shower or while swimming as water can damage the sensor.
    Available for both Android and iPhone users.
  • COUNTLESS FEATURES: myFit Momentum’s HeartSense™ heart monitor, light and heavy sleep tracker (sleep time & sleep quality), pedometer, distance, calorie measurements, anti-lost reminder (phone out of range alert), smart alarm clock, sedentary reminder after one hour of non-activity (does not ring when asleep), call notification, shake photograph, push message, one key function, sports goal setting, and sports information sharing.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Designed in the USA and made from super comfortable silica gel that rests naturally on your wrist.
    Aesthetically pleasing, the myFit Momentum was created to give users a comfortable, lightweight experience while being in style.
    You will not be surprised to see your popularity among fellow exercisers improving drastically.
  • BATTERY LIFE: myFit Momentum’s battery life is 15 days of standby and full charges within 30 minutes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: myFit Momentum’s super sleek and lightweight design (only 28 grams) is one of the lightest weight on the market without sacrificing cutting edge technology.


8. Fitness Tracker by Bokehanmu

Fitness Tracker by Bokehanmu

  • Blood Pressure /Heart Rate Monitor: Measure your Systolic, Diastolic blood pressure after sports or in daily life.
    When the Heart Rate Monitor fitness tracker is active, it will auto send heart rate date continuously each second independently, and no need to connect via App.
    24 hours wrist-based heart rate tracking without an uncomfortable chest strap. (*Not for medical use!)
  • Multi-Functions: health sleep monitor, fitness tracker, Pedometer, calories record, remote camera control, incoming call notice, notifications, distance tracking, music control, find phone, anti-lost alert, sedentary reminder, sync date and time.
  • Multiple APP Sport Mode:
    Outdoor Sport Mode of fitness tracker band
    Running, Bicycle
    Indoor Sport Mode
    Rope Jumping, Jumping Jack, Sit-Ups, Treadmill.
  • Environmental Protection Materials:
    High quality TPU silicon material, environmentally friendly fitness tracker, non-toxic and harmless, comfortable wearing and avoid skin allergies.
    Waterproof in IP67 up to 30mins, no worry when bathing.
  • Charging & Battery Capacity: Easy charging via USB cable on computer, laptop, notebook, power band, or directly charging with AC 5V/500mA.
    High quality rechargeable polymer Li battery(70 mAh), provide long duration(5-8 days for standby time, 2-3 days under operation).


9. Smart Bracelet by Lemfo

Smart Bracelet by Lemfo

    Wristband case is made of aviation grade magnesium titanium alloy and PMMA high permeability material.
    Precision die-casting and multi-angle fine grinding, the wristband can ring in response to a variety of sports, but also with sophisticated technology.
    Everyone has his inertia, he is easily forget to take off the smart bracelet when take a shower.
    Use IP67 waterproof life technology, effectively protect from the smart watch.
    0.91″ LED touch screen, scratch resistant screen display, by tapping/sliding on the LED touch screen, you can easily read the steps counting, calories, time, date, messages, etc.
    Bracelet will recognize and palming bright screen by built in G-sensor, users could set this function by its application.
    Heart rate, Pedometer, Calories, Distance, Stopwatch, Sleep quality measurement, Call reminder, Alarm clock, Fall down reminder, Drink reminder, Social sharing (Wechat).


10. Heart Rate Fitness Bracelet by General

Hear Rate Fitness Bracelet by General

    Design with built-in sensors, accurately displays your heart rate, tracking and reminding the data during every sport moment, helping you arrange exercise time and intensity freely.
    It can recording the ultimate hoops challenge as well as alcohol allergy abnormal heartbeat rhythms reminder with your heart rate on the instant, revealing that the eternal truth “Life without limits”.
    Adjustable bracelet fits wrists up to 7.87 inches in circumference
  • MOVEMENT MONITOR (STEPS, DISTANCE, CALORIES,Can monitor a variety of movement patterns):
    Recording all day activity and calculating the walking distance as well as calories energy consumption.
    You can also set a goal according to your personal planning, enabling the wristband to remind you to complete the daily mission, keeping healthy life, then we are sure that you may fall in love with sports and beautiful yourself gradually.
    Skin-friendly texture together with light weight design, accompanying you sleep, keeping track of sleep duration and quality, analyzing the results of deep sleep, shallow sleep, presenting latent trend through the App data, which helps improve sleep level and realize you a restful sweet sleep.
    Adjustable bracelet fits wrists up to 7.87 inches in circumference
    When there is a call or receive SMS notification message, even if you don’t have the phone in your pocket momentarily because of busy doing some other things, smartband will automatically shake in order to remind you important notice, letting you know the significant phone call at the first time and never miss any appointment.
  • NOTE:
    This product is no charger(please refer to the left side of the picture).
    Please put the wristband body removed from the watch strap, the bracelet body is inserted into the computer USB interface charging, don’t worry forgot to charge line.
    When you open the Sleep tracking, the Wake up screen by turn wrist will not work.Support Facebook、Twitter、SKYPE、WhatsApp (Android, IOS), content remind and display.


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