The Benefits Of Hula Hooping

Hula Hoop workout has been in existence since ages and today, it is one of the most fun-filled exercise regimes.
It is one of the best ways to burn calories along with fat in the stomach and waist area.

Hula Hooping Benefits

Hooping is a complete core workout

Hooping regularly can help to whittle your waist and strengthen your stomach muscles while blasting fat in these (often problematic) areas. (Studies that show that hooping burns visceral fat- the fat that is the hardest to get off the older you get, and also the most detrimental to heart health.) That’s what we’d like to call a win-win-win situation!

Hooping is good for your heart

Hooping is an intense workout for your muscles…including one of the most important muscles of all: the heart! Anyone who picks up a hoop will notice their heart rate go up in minutes! So hooping for just twenty minutes a day can count towards your moderate-vigorous intensity physical activity recommended for improving and maintaining your health.

Benefits of hula hoop

It increases Body Awareness

Hooping focuses your mind on where your body is in space while working underappreciated core muscles that, once activated, are a nice reminder not to stagnate on the couch or at your desk. Add music to the mix, and it’s easy to understand how hooping can be an energizing form of stress relief.

Hooping improves your mood

Because it improves the flow of blood to your brain, a Hula hoop workout makes you feel more refreshed and clear-minded than after a power nap – due to the increased brain oxygenation.

best hula hoop

Hooping improves stamina

While hula hooping seems quite simple and is actually lot of fun, it needs some continuous efforts from the core muscles. People who aren’t fit may find it difficult to keep the hoop in rotating for long. But since it feels like more of a fun game than an exercise, people continuously get better at it. With time hula hooping keeps on boosting their stamina and soon people are able to keep the hoop going for much longer.

Hula Hoop is fun


Hopefully we have helped you understand all the wonderful weighted hula hoop benefits you can experience. Remember, hula hooping is a progressive exercise, so once you have mastered the basics, try changing it up with a different routine and challenge your body further. All the best with your hooping adventures.

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